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A.    Run the ESXi installer again and reinstall the host.B.    Select the Reset System Configuration option from the vSphere Client when connected directly to the host.C.    From the Direct Console User Interface, select Reset System Configuration.D.    Use a host profile to reset the configuration to a default state. Answer: C QUESTION 122vSphere Update Manager allows which two virtual machine attributes to be upgraded? (Choose two.) A.    Virtual machine firewall policies for NSX.B.    Software Packages in the virtual machine.C.    Virtual machine Hardware Version.D.    VMware Tools Upgrade. Answer: CD QUESTION 123What are two benefits of using NFS 4.1 with vSphere 6.x as compared to NFS 3? (Choose two.) A.    NFS 4.1 supports Kerberos AuthenticationB.    NFS 4.1 supports multipathingC.    NFS 4.1 supports IPv6D.    NFS 4.1 supports hardware acceleration Answer: AB QUESTION 124An administrator is monitoring a High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) enabled cluster and has noticed that virtual machines in the cluster are being migrated without user intervention.Why is this happening? A.    The DRS Automation level is set to Fully Automated.B.    The Automation level is set to Automatic.C.    The DPM Threshold is set to Aggressive.D.    The Power Management feature is configured. Answer: A QUESTION 125The vSphere administrator is configuring directory services for an ESXi host: What should the vSphere administrator do to configure the host to use CAM services? A.    Check the Use vSphere Authentication Proxy checkbox.B.    Set Select Directory Service Type to CAM services.C.    Specify CAM$ for the Domain.D.    Set Trusted Domains to camname.tld where name.tld is the domain that the host is joining. Answer: A QUESTION 126Users of an application are reporting performance issues. The following performance values are observed in the vSphere Web Client:- Host CPU utilization is 90%- Virtual Machine memory utilization is consistently greater than 90% - CPU Ready values are higher than 20%What could be the cause of the application performance issue? A.    The host is lacking the CPU resources required to meet the demand.B.    The host is lacking the memory resources required to meet the demand.C.    The virtual machine is lacking the CPU resources required to meet the demand.D.    The virtual machine is lacking the memory resources required to meet the demand. Answer: A QUESTION 127What condition would prevent an administrator from creating a new VMFS3 datastore on an ESXi 6.x host using the vSphere Web Client? A.    A VMFS3 datastore cannot be created on an ESXi 6.x host.B.    The VMFS3 kernel module is not loaded.C.    A VMFS3 datastore cannot be mounted on an ESXi 6.x host.D.    VMFS3 datastores are not compatible with virtual machines created on an ESXi 6.x host. Answer: A QUESTION 128An administrator is moving a virtual machine into a resource pool. The VM and resource pool are configured as shown:VM configuration:2GHz CPU reservation1GB Memory limitResource Pool configuration:6GHz CPU reservation1GB Memory reservationNo limit to memoryWhat happens to the virtual machine's resource settings when it is moved into the pool? A.    The VM inherits the resource settings of the resource pool if expandable reservations is enabled.B.    The VM's reservations and limits are ignored and removed.C.    The VM keeps the 2GHz CPU reservation but receives the 1GB memory reservation.D.    The VM keeps the 2GHz CPU reservation and the 1GB Memory limit. Answer: D QUESTION 129Which two parameters are required when adding an iSCSI target to an iSCSI Software Adapter using Dynamic Discovery? (Choose two.) A.    The iSCSI device's IP Address or Fully Qualified Domain NameB.    The Port NumberC.    The iSCSI device's iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN)D.    The Default Gateway IP Address Answer: AB QUESTION 130Which two Identity Sources are available to add for vCenter Single Sign-On authentication? (Choose two.) A.    LocalOSB.    OpenLDAPC.    NIS as an LDAP ServerD.    VCMSDS Answer: AB !!!RECOMMEND!!! 1.|2017 New 2V0-602 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 275Q&As Download:   2.|2017 New 2V0-602 Study Guide Video: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-10-23 07:42:38 Post date GMT: 2017-10-23 07:42:38 Post modified date: 2017-10-23 07:42:38 Post modified date GMT: 2017-10-23 07:42:38 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from