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2018 April Latest Cisco 352-001 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 352-001 Real Exam Questions:

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A Tier-3 Service Provider is evolving into a Tier-2 Service Provider due to the amount of Enterprise business it is receiving. The network engineers are re-evaluating their IP/MPLS design considerations in order to support duplicate/overlapping IP addressing from their Enterprise customers within each Layer 3 VPN.
Which of the following would need to be reviewed to ensure stability in their network?

A. Assigning unique Route Target ID’s
B. Assigning unique Route Distinguishers
C. Assigning unique IP address space for the Enterprise NAT/Firewalls
D. Assigning unique VRF ID’s to each Layer 3 VPN

Answer: B

A Service Provider is designing a solution for a managed CE service to a number of local customers using a single CE platform and wants to have logical separation on the CE platform using Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) based on IP address ranges or packet length.
Which is the most scalable solution to provide this type of VRF Selection process on the CE edge device?

A. Static Routes for Route Leaking
B. Policy Based Routing
C. Multi-Protocol BGP
D. OSPF per VRF Instance

Answer: B

A Mobile Service Provider would like to design and deploy an Ethernet service which has similar physical link failover/failback characteristics on the active/backup links as the APS/MSP SONET properties. Which Layer 2 services should be considered to address this design feature?

A. Port-Channel
C. Flex Link
D. Ethernet Pseudowires

Answer: C

You are tasked with implementing a 1000-phone remote access solution, where phone calls will traverse a WAN edge router. Assuming all of the following features are supported in a hardware-assisted manner, which of the following will have the most negative impact on the delay of the packet?

A. encryption
B. stateful firewall
C. MPLS encapsulation
D. GRE encapsulation

Answer: A

A company supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and they need to be able to support flow- based translations for multiple IPv6 devices to a single IPv4 address. Which address family translation design solution should be recommended?

A. stateful NAT-PT
C. stateless NAT64
D. stateful NAT64

Answer: D

You are designing an IPv4 any source multicast redundancy solution.
Which technology ensures the quickest RP convergence?

A. Auto-RP
B. Embedded RP
C. bootstrap router
D. MSDP anycast RP

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. You are designing a network using the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol for loop avoidance. VLAN trunking is not allowed due to security requirements.
Which option describes how you can design this Layer 2 network while using untagged interfaces between both switches?

A. Assign VLAN 100 and VLAN 200 to the IST instance.
B. Assign VLAN 100 and VLAN 200 to instance 1.
C. Assign VLAN 100 to instance 1 and VLAN 200 to instance 2.
D. Assign VLAN 100 to the IST instance and VLAN 200 to instance 1.

Answer: C

You are designing an Out of Band Cisco Network Admission Control, Layer 3 Real-IP Gateway deployment for a customer.
Which VLAN must be trunked back to the Clean Access Server from the access switch?

A. untrusted VLAN
B. user VLAN
C. management VLAN
D. authentication VLAN

Answer: A

You are designing a large Frame Relay WAN for a customer. The routing protocol is OSPF.
What is the effect on the routing table if the WAN interfaces are configured as point-to- multipoint?

A. Only a route for the DR will be present in the routing table.
B. Configuring point-to-multipoint has no effect on the routing table.
The route that is configured with the area command will be seen in the routing table.
C. Multipoint interfaces dynamically add the network of the connected interface.
D. Multipoint interfaces dynamically add a /32 route for each neighbor in the WAN.

Answer: D

A company would like to distribute a virtual machine (VM) hosting cluster between three data centers with the capability to move VMs between sites. The connectivity between data centers is IP only and the new design should use the existing WAN.
Which Layer 2 tunneling technology do you recommend?

B. L2TPv3

Answer: C

Two medium-sized companies recently merged and would like to share their two campus buildings as soon as possible. Employees should be able to sit and work in either building.
If the IP addresses in the networks overlap, which virtualization technology could be deployed quickly to achieve the business objective?

D. L2TPv3

Answer: B

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