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Aug/2019 Braindump2go CISSP Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new CISSP Exam Questions:

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New Question
When is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) considered to be valid?

A. When it has been validated by the Business Continuity (BC) manager
B. When it has been validated by the board of directors
C. When it has been validated by all threat scenarios
D. When it has been validated by realistic exercises

Answer: D

New Question
Recovery strategies of a Disaster Recovery planning (DRIP) MUST be aligned with which of the following?

A. Hardware and software compatibility issues
B. Applications’ critically and downtime tolerance
C. Budget constraints and requirements
D. Cost/benefit analysis and business objectives

Answer: D

New Question
Which of the following is the FIRST step in the incident response process?

A. Determine the cause of the incident
B. Disconnect the system involved from the network
C. Isolate and contain the system involved
D. Investigate all symptoms to confirm the incident

Answer: D

New Question
A continuous information security monitoring program can BEST reduce risk through which of the following?

A. Collecting security events and correlating them to identify anomalies
B. Facilitating system-wide visibility into the activities of critical user accounts
C. Encompassing people, process, and technology
D. Logging both scheduled and unscheduled system changes

Answer: B

New Question
What would be the MOST cost effective solution for a Disaster Recovery (DR) site given that the organization’s systems cannot be unavailable for more than 24 hours?

A. Warm site
B. Hot site
C. Mirror site
D. Cold site

Answer: A

New Question
Who is accountable for the information within an Information System (IS)?

A. Security manager
B. System owner
C. Data owner
D. Data processor

Answer: B

New Question
It is MOST important to perform which of the following to minimize potential impact when implementing a new vulnerability scanning tool in a production environment?

A. Negotiate schedule with the Information Technology (IT) operation’s team
B. Log vulnerability summary reports to a secured server
C. Enable scanning during off-peak hours
D. Establish access for Information Technology (IT) management

Answer: A

New Question
A Security Operations Center (SOC) receives an incident response notification on a server with an active intruder who has planted a backdoor. Initial notifications are sent and communications are established.
What MUST be considered or evaluated before performing the next step?

A. Notifying law enforcement is crucial before hashing the contents of the server hard drive
B. Identifying who executed the incident is more important than how the incident happened
C. Removing the server from the network may prevent catching the intruder
D. Copying the contents of the hard drive to another storage device may damage the evidence

Answer: C

New Question
Due to system constraints, a group of system administrators must share a high-level access set of credentials.
Which of the following would be MOST appropriate to implement?

A. Increased console lockout times for failed logon attempts
B. Reduce the group in size
C. A credential check-out process for a per-use basis
D. Full logging on affected systems

Answer: C

New Question
Which of the following is the MOST efficient mechanism to account for all staff during a speedy non- emergency evacuation from a large security facility?

A. Large mantrap where groups of individuals leaving are identified using facial recognition technology
B. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors worn by each employee scanned by sensors at each exit door
C. Emergency exits with push bars with coordinates at each exit checking off the individual against a predefined list
D. Card-activated turnstile where individuals are validated upon exit

Answer: B

New Question
What does electronic vaulting accomplish?

A. It protects critical files.
B. It ensures the fault tolerance of Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) systems
C. It stripes all database records
D. It automates the Disaster Recovery Process (DRP)

Answer: A


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