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Exam Code: 1Y0-351Exam Name: Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Essentials for NetworkingCertification Provider: CitrixKeywords: 1Y0-351 Exam Dumps,1Y0-351 Practice Tests,1Y0-351 Practice Exams,1Y0-351 Exam Questions,1Y0-351 PDF,1Y0-351 VCE Free,1Y0-351 Book,1Y0-351 E-Book,1Y0-351 Study Guide,1Y0-351 Braindump,1Y0-351 Prep Guide QUESTION 161A NetScaler Engineer has created a new custom user monitor script and needs to place it in the NetScaler filesystem for use.Where must the engineer place the custom script so that it is available for use? A.    /nsconfig/monitorsB.    /netscaler/monitorsC.    /var/nstemp/monitorsD.    /netscaler/monitors/perl_mod Answer: A QUESTION 162What are the supported protocols for management authentication? A.    LOCAL, LDAP, and SAMLB.    RADIUS, LDAP and TACACS+C.    CERTIFICATE, LDAP and SAMLD.    RADIUS, TACACS+ and CERTIFICATE Answer: B QUESTION 163A NetScaler Engineer plans to deploy a third-party application that will perform scheduled configuration auditing by using NITRO API with a REST interface.Which management protocol should the engineer enable to allow NITRO API access? A.    SSHB.    HTTPC.    TelnetD.    SNMP Answer: B QUESTION 164Which two authentication types on the NetScaler support password changes? (Choose two.) A.    TACACS+B.    LDAP (TLS)C.    LDAP (SSL)D.    RADIUS (PAP)E.    LDAP (PLAINTEXT)F.    RADIUS (MSCHAPv2) Answer: BC QUESTION 165Traffic to which destination is sourced from the NetScaler IP (NSIP) by default? A.    NTP serversB.    Clients on the InternetC.    Load-balanced web servicesD.    Load-balanced authentication services Answer: A QUESTION 166A company has an external-facing web application that requires end-to-end encryption and Layer- 7 functionality.Which protocol type would an engineer choose for the virtual server and service? A.    SSLB.    SSL_TCPC.    SSL_PUSHD.    SSL_BRIDGE Answer: B QUESTION 167Scenario: A NetScaler Engineer has enabled the HTTP Compression feature on an existing production NetScaler. The engineer is using the built-in policies. The engineer reviews the HTTP Compression statistics but does NOT see any compression statistic data.What is the likely reason? A.    SSL protocol is being used for encryption.B.    The Compression Policy engine is set to default.C.    "Allow Server side compression" is checked on the NetScaler.D.    Responses with the Content-Length or Chunked header are being sent from the server. Answer: C QUESTION 168Which two of the listed statements are true about Access Control Lists (ACLs) on the NetScaler? (Choose two.) A.    Extended ACLs may BRIDGE traffic.B.    Simple ACLs are bound on ALL interfaces.C.    Extended ACLs are evaluated after creation.D.    Simple ACLs are processed after Extended ACLs. Answer: AB QUESTION 169What is the purpose of the SSL Certificate Authority (CA) root certificate during an SSL connection? A.    SSL Cipher ExchangeB.    Session Key ExchangeC.    Pre Shared Master Secret GenerationD.    Server Certificate Signature Verification Answer: A QUESTION 170In order to create a three-node NetScaler cluster, all nodes must __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) A.    be physical appliancesB.    have Platinum licensingC.    be using the same buildD.    be the same platform model Answer: CD QUESTION 171Scenario: A NetScaler Engineer has created an SSL virtual server that utilizes SSL services. The engineer needs to configure certificate authentication from the NetScaler to the backend web services.What should the engineer do to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario? A.    Bind a CA Certificate to the SSL Services.B.    Bind a Client Certificate to the SSL Services.C.    Create an SSL policy to present the Client Certificate to the web services.D.    Enable Client Authentication and set Client Certificate to mandatory on the virtual server. Answer: B Braindump2go Promises All our customers: 100% All Exams Pass Or Full Money Back! Our experts have complied the fail proof 1Y0-351 Exam content to help all candidates pass your 1Y0-351 certification exam easily in the first attempt and score the top possible grades too.Do you want to sucess? 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