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2016/11 New 1V0-621: VMware Certified Associate 6 – Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals Exam Exam Questions Released Today!
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Which two are managed storage objects that can be administered through the Storage inventory hierarchy in the vSphere Web Client? (Choose two)

A.    Virtual Volumes
B.    Virtual disks
C.    Datastores
D.    Datastore Clusters

Answer: CD
Explanation: (p.18)

Refer to the Exhibit. What vSphere inventory object is represented by this image?
A.    Datastore Log
B.    VSAN License
C.    Customization Specification
D.    Storage Policy

Answer: D

An operator installs an OS to a new virtual machine (VM) using a DVD inserted into the ESXi host. Later, the operator notices that a vMotion migration on the new VM fails.
What action needs to be taken in order for the vMotion migration to succeed?

A.    Remove the DVD from the ESXi host
B.    Add a virtual CD/DVD drive to the VM.
C.    Add a virtual CD/DVD drive to the target ESXi.
D.    Disconnect the CD/DVD drive from the VM.

Answer: A

Which two statements are true about Virtual SAN Datastores? (Choose two,).

A.    Can be configured on the fly.
B.    Requires formatting with a file system during configuration.
C.    Exposes a set of data services accessible to the virtual machines.
D.    Requires a compatible HBA in the host.

Answer: BD

An organization with 3 separate datacenters is looking to standardize their virtual templates.
What vSphere feature will allow them to centrally manage the distribution of the VM templates to all 3 datacenters?

A.    Storage DRS
B.    vMotion
C.    Long Distance vMotion
D.    Content Library

Answer: D
Explanation: (page 13)

Which VMware product can virtualize user desktops so that the desktops reside as virtual machines in the data center?

A.    VMware Mirage
B.    VMware vRealize Log Insight
C.    VMware Horizon View
D.    VMware Workspace

Answer: C


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