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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z1-574 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Oracle Web Services Manager uses an agent-based approach to providing Web Services security. Where are these agents deployed? A.    In any IPv4 of Later network firewall B.    In the Oracle WebLogic Server Web Service request Interceptors C.    In the Oracle Service Bus proxy pipeline D.    In the Oracle Access Manager web gate E.    […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-898 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 The developer has defined the following entity class office:   Which of the following attributes will be in corresponding generated static metamodel class for the rooms’ field? A.    Public static volatile CollectionAttribute<Room> rooms; B.    Public static volatile ListAttribute<Room> rooms; C.    Public static volatile ListAttribute<Office, Room> rooms; D.    Public static volatile SingleAttribute<Room> rooms; Answer: […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-895 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 You are writing a client that sends a message to a JMS queue. What two statements are true? A.    You cannot use resource injection to access a JMS destination from a Java EE application client. B.    You can use resource injection to access a JMS destination from a servlet. C.    You must use […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-884 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 A system administrator has received the Java ES distribution as a two-CD set, and wishes to configure an NFS server to use as an install server for Sun Cluster 3.2. What is the correct procedure? A.    Mount and share each CD from a separate server. B.    This is NOT possible, only the DVD […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-881 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 A security administrator has a requirement to deploy the Solaris Security Toolkit onto all Solaris servers in the department. In this environment, there are a variety of platforms and operating system versions deployed. Onto which two platforms and operating system combinations can the Solaris Security Toolkit be deployed in a supported configuration? (Choose […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-880 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Company A owns, and is authoritative, for the domain Company A is in the process of consolidating systems as a result of the purchase of Company B. As part of this transition effort, network administrators have configured Company A’s DNS server zone files to include and become authoritative for Company B’s […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-879 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 You need to create a Flash Archive of a master server. You want to set the following characteristics of the archive: The archive will be stored as /export/flash/flash_archive, but do not include the /export/flash directory in the archive The archive description will be root_archive. The archive must be compressed The archive will be […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-878 Exam Dump Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Only local system files are used during the boot process to configure the system for local Ethernet LAN connectivity. Immediately after reboot the ifconfig -a command displays: lo0: flags=1000849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4> mtu 8232 index 1 inet netmask ff000000 Which local network configuration file is missing? A.    /etc/ethers B.    /etc/netmasks C.    /etc/networks D.    /etc/inet/hosts E.    […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-876 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Click the Exhibit button. The exhibit shows information about data in Jane’s home directory. Which answer describes where the directory named dir1 is stored within the file system?   A.    In the inode associated with directory dir1 B.    In the directory file called dir1 C.    In the ACL associated with dir1 D.    In […]

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2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-874 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Which of the following best describes what the file contains and how it is used? A.    It contains the values from the CHANGE MASTER statement. B.    When the slave restarts it looks for which master to use from this file. C.    It contains information about the master server, its slaves and its […]

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