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Which two configurations are made using the QoS Setup Wizard? (Choose two.)

A.    Assign applications to traffic classes.
B.    Use ToS/DSCP values for traffic classes.
C.    Exclude subnets from QoS management.
D.    Select dedicated vs. over-subscribed circuits.

Answer: AD

What is NSC’s functionality?

A.    Web caching
B.    sequence caching
C.    memory-based compression
D.    next-generation compression

Answer: B

Which statement is true about compression subnets?

A.    Compression subnets are turned on by default.
B.    Compression subnets advertise remote routes.
C.    Compression subnets are usually LAN-side subnets.
D.    Compression subnets are usually WAN-side subnets.

Answer: C

Which two statements describe the criteria bandwidth detection uses to dynamically alter bandwidth allocation? (Choose two.)

A.    Throughput is raised as latency decreases.
B.    Throughput is based on available bandwidth.
C.    Throughput is lowered as latency decreases.
D.    Latency is measured by SYNs returned for each metapacket.

Answer: AB

Which two patented or patent-pending compression and caching technologies are used for WX/WXC devices? (Choose two.)

A.    Network Sequence Caching (NSC)
B.    Molecular Sequence Caching (MSC)
C.    Network Sequence Reduction (NSR)
D.    Molecular Sequence Reduction (MSR)

Answer: AD

Which two secure remote access methods are available on the WX platforms? (Choose two.)

A.    SSL
B.    SSH
C.    Telnet
D.    HTTP

Answer: AB

Which two environments would take advantage of TCP Acceleration (AFP)? (Choose two.)

A.    satellite networks
B.    low-latency networks
C.    long-haul link with 95% compressibility.
D.    long-haul link with 10% compressibility.

Answer: AC

Which three statistics does the Executive report summarize? (Choose three.)

A.    latency and loss
B.    compression results
C.    traffic (by application)
D.    CRC and alignment errors
E.    user access (by username)

Answer: ABC

What are two ways to view the system log files on a WX device? (Choose two.)

A.    Use the CLI and enter show log.
B.    Use the CLI and enter show all.
C.    Use the CLI and enter show logging.
D.    In WebView, choose Admin > Tools > Display System Log.

Answer: AD

Which three locations in WebView allow you to confirm that the endpoints are configured properly? (Choose three.)

A.    Monitor > Endpoints
B.    Acceleration > Endpoints
C.    Device Setup > Endpoints
D.    Compression > Endpoints
E.    Admin > Maintenance > Display Configuration

Answer: ADE

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