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What is a benefit of using ATA storage in NAS environment?

A.    Low performance storage for OLTP applications
B.    High performance storage for OLTP applications
C.    High volume storage for high performance environment
D.    High volume storage for low performance environments

Answer: D

Which command is used to verify anti-virus functionality at the Data Mover?

A.    server_av
B.    server_setup
C.    server_viruschk
D.    server_antivirus

Answer: C

Celerra quotas are turned off. How does that affect the existing user and group quota information?

A.    it will be lost
B.    is maintained
C.    will still be active
D.    becomes unavailable

Answer: B

Which is used for centralized user and group management in a UNIX environment?

A.    NIS
B.    UFS
C.    UDP
D.    NTLM

Answer: A

Which network component isolates network segments?

A.    ISL
B.    STP
C.    VLAN
D.    LACP

Answer: C

Which two [2] methods allow access to the hidden “.ckpt” directory created by SnapSure?

A.    Enter the entire path into Start > Run > \\server_x\SnapSure\ckpt
B.    Browse to the .ckpt directory using Windows Explorer
C.    Append .ckpt to the path shown when mapping a network drive.
D.    Type the entire path directly into the Address bar in Windows Explorer

Answer: AD

An NS700G is being installed which will be connected to both Symmetrix and CLARiiON storage. Based on best practices, where should the Celerra Control Volumes be placed?

A.    CLARiiON
B.    Symmetrix
C.    Control Station
D.    Either the Symmetrix or CLARiiON

Answer: B

What is a new SnapSure feature in NAS 5.2?

A.    Out of order deletion of Checkpoints
B.    Multiple checkpoints of a single filesystem
C.    Checkpoint restore with a single command
D.    Uses a bitmap to track the location of changed data

Answer: A

An unprotected disk containing Oracle binaries fails. What action needs to be taken when the database resides on Celerra?

A.    None
B.    Restart the Oracle DB
C.    Reinstall the entire Oracle package
D.    Initiate a Data Mover failback and restart the Oracle DB

Answer: C

Which SRDF mode does a TimeFinder/FS Near Copy implementation use?

A.    Near copy
B.    Synchronous
C.    Adaptive copy
D.    Asynchronous

Answer: B
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