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How would a MIDlet that uses a GameCanvas efficiently update only a small region of the screen, from the data in the off-screen buffer?
A.    call flushGraphics(int, int, int, int) that specifies the region to be flushed
B.    call serviceRepaints() and set a clip region on the Graphics object in paint()
C.    Pixels that are NOT to be flushed should be made transparent.
D.    write extra code to coalesce the flushGraphics() calls over many loops into one call

Answer: A

Which three are true? (Choose three.)

A.    A MIDlet suite consists of only one JAR file.
B.    Different MIDlet suites can share data with each other.
C.    A MIDlet suite can have more than one class that extends the MIDlet class.
D.    A MIDlet suite is an array of MIDlet objects.
E.    The names of MIDlet classes that belong to different MIDlet suites must be different.

Answer: ABC

Which method is initially called when the MIDlet starts in response to a push notification?

A.    PushRegistry.listConnections()
B.    PushRegistry.notifyIncomingConnection()
C.    MIDlet.startApp()
D.    MIDlet.notifyApp()
E.    MIDlet.pushApp()
F.    MIDlet.resumeRequest()

Answer: C

21. TextField tf = new TextField(“Memo”, “”, 50, TextField.ANY);
22. DateField df = new DateField(“Date”, DateField.DATE_TIME);
23. Form fm = new Form(“Form demo”);
24. Command cmCount = new Command(“Word count”, Command.ITEM, 1);
25. Command cmExit = new Command(“Exit”, Command.EXIT, 1);
27. tf.addCommand(cmCount);
28. fm.append(df);
29. fm.append(tf);
30. fm.addCommand(cmExit);
31. fm.setCommandListener(this);
Which is true?

A.    An exception is thrown at runtime.
B.    The cmCount and cmExit commands is always available on fm, regardless of which Item is active.
C.    Compilation fails.
D.    The cmCount command is available only when tf is the active Item.
E.    The cmExit command is available only when df is the active Item.

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button. What is the result?

A.    myForm contains the string “run count: 2”.
B.    An exception is thrown at runtime.
C.    myForm contains the string “run count: 0”.
D.    myForm contains the string “run count: 1”.
E.    myForm contains the string “waiting…”.

Answer: D

10. MessageConnection conn;
12. public void startApp() {
13. try {
14. conn = (MessageConnection)“cbs://:3382”);
15. //…
17. } catch (Exception e) {
18. //…
20. }
21. }
30. public void run() {
31. Message msg = conn.receive();
32. //…
40. conn.send(msg);
41. }
What is the result?

A.    An error at line 40 causes an exception at runtime.
B.    An error at line 14 causes compile to fail.
C.    An error at line 31 causes an exception at runtime.
D.    The code successfully sends a message.
E.    An error at ine 14 causes an exception at runtime.

Answer: A

Click the Task button. Place each player state next to its description.

Given the push connection string:
MIDlet-Push-1: socket://:79, com.sun.example.SampleChat, 192.3?.?.*
Which two addresses are allowed to push connection notifications to the application? (Choose two.)

C.    192.310.101.1
F.    192.310.10.1

Answer: BE

A MIDlet has entered the paused state. Which is a valid action to attempt to make it active?

A.    The MIDlet cannot revert back to the active state.
B.    The MIDlet calls resumeRequest() through a timer.
C.    The MIDlet calls its own startApp() method.
D.    The MIDlet has to wait quietly to be rescheduled.

Answer: B

Which two are true for List? (Choose two.)

A.    You can add Command objects to a List without registering a CommandListener.
B.    Images and text in a List CANNOT be changed once the List is created.
C.    Traversing and scrolling in a List causes events that can be programmatically detected.
D.    A CommandListener must be registered for the application to recognize user selections in a List.

Answer: AD
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