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Which two Virtual Private Networks are supported by the NSX Edge Service Gateway? (Choose two.)

A.    Layer 2 VPN
C.    IPSec VPN
D.    Layer 3 VPN

Answer: AC

How many DHCP pools can be created on the NSX Edge?

A.    2,000
B.    5,000
C.    10,000
D.    20,000

Answer: D

An organization requires a high performance firewall as part of an NSX deployment. What is the minimum NSX Edge Services Gateway configuration that would be suitable for the organization’s requirements?

A.    X-Large
B.    Quad-Large
C.    Large
D.    Compact

Answer: B

A Distributed Router and an NSX Edge Gateway are connected to a Logical Switch with a VNI of 7321. Both also have connections to the external network.The Distributed Router serves as the default gateway for the virtual machines in VNI 7321.
A vSphere administrator does not want to advertise the subnet in VNI 7321 to the rest of the network, but still wants to allow virtual machines in the segment to access external resources.
What two steps should the vSphere administrator take to achieve this? (Choose two)

A.    Make the NSX Edge Gateway the default gateway for VNI 7321.
B.    Configure a SNAT rule for VNI 7321 on the NSX Edge Gateway.
C.    Configure a static route to the NSX Edge Gateway in the upstream router.
D.    Create an inbound Access Control List on the Distributed Router.

Answer: AB

What is the frequency of the heartbeat between the active and standby NSX Edge instances when configured for HA?

A.    Every 1 second.
B.    Every 2 seconds.
C.    Every 5 seconds.
D.    Every 15 seconds.

Answer: A

What is the default delay when the active NSX Edge instance fails before the standby instance takes the active role?

A.    3 seconds.
B.    6 seconds.
C.    15 seconds.
D.    45 seconds.

Answer: C

Which service cannot be included in a Security Policy using Service Composer?

A.    Endpoint Services
B.    Firewall Rules
C.    Virtual Private Network Services
D.    Network Introspection Services

Answer: C

Which NSX Data Security role has the permission to start and stop data security scans?

A.    Security Administrator
B.    NSX Administrator
C.    Auditor
D.    Enterprise Administrator

Answer: B

A user needs to be given the ability to make configuration changes on a specific NSX Edge device. What role and scope could be used to meet this requirement?

A.    NSX Administrator role and Limit Access scope
B.    Security Administrator role and Limit Access scope
C.    NSX Administrator role and No restriction scope
D.    Security Administrator role and No restriction scope

Answer: B

Which component could be used to automate the deployment of an NSX environment?

A.    A Cloud Management Platform (CMP).
B.    The NSX Controller.
C.    The NSX Manager.
D.    The vSphere Distributed Switch wizard.

Answer: A

Which two web browsers are supported for programming the NSX REST API? (Choose two.)

A.    Internet Explorer
B.    Chrome
C.    Firefox
D.    Safari

Answer: BC


1.|2017 New 2V0-642 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 284Q&As Download:

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