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What is the packet size of the VXLAN standard test packet when using the Ping test on the logical switches?

A.    1500
B.    1550
C.    1575
D.    1600

Answer: B

An administrator is deploying a distributed router and is adding an interface for a logical switch, as shown in the following exhibit:
The administrator clicks on the Change link to specify the network to connect to. Selecting the distributed portgroup, the administrator finds that no portgroups are listed.
The administrator verifies the desired portgroup exists in vCenter Server.
What condition would result in this behavior?

A.    The MTU size is set to 1500
B.    A subnet has not been configured
C.    The interface name has an invalid character
D.    The interface type is incorrect

Answer: D

Which Layer 2 bridge is supported by the Distributed Router?

A.    VCD-NI to VLAN bridge
B.    VXLAN to PVLAN bridge
C.    VCD-NI to PVLAN bridge
D.    VXLAN to VLAN bridge

Answer: D

What NSX feature allows for integration with any third-party Cloud Management Platforms?

A.    NSX Extensibility
C.    NSX Edge
D.    NSX Controller

Answer: B

When compared to the Software Defined Data Center architecture, whatare two network limitations ofa physical network architecture? (Choose two.)

A.    Configuring firewall policies
B.    Multi-Tenancy
C.    Configuring layer 3 switch networks
D.    Traffic hair-pinning

Answer: BD

Which statement describes proper packet processing of layer 3 traffic in an NSX for vSphere topology?

A.    All packets are processed by the distributed router.
No packets are processed by the Logical Router Control VM.
B.    Only packets requiring routing to another VM on the same host are processed by the distributed router.
Other packets are processed by the Logical Router Control VM.
C.    Only packets requiring routing to another VM on a different host are processed by the distributed router.
Other packets are processed by the Logical Router Control VM.
D.    All packets requiring routing are processed by performing a lookup in the Logical Router Control VM and then forwarded.

Answer: A

An administrator will deploy NSX within an existing vSphere environment containing two vCenter Server instances. Each vCenter Server manages three clusters with 16 ESXi hosts per cluster.
How many NSX Manager instances would be required for this deployment?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    6

Answer: B

To provide high availability and resilience for your NSX Manager deployment, you should utilize which high availability feature?

A.    Configure the NSX Manager virtual machine(s) for Fault Tolerance
B.    Install multiple NSX Managers per vCenter Server installation.
C.    Configure the use of vSphere HA and DRS.
D.    Configure NSX High Availability.

Answer: C

An administrator has deployed NSX within the vSphere environment, but is unable to deploy an NSX Controller. What step must be taken to resolve the issue?

A.    Register the third-party security service device or virtual appliance with NSX Manager
B.    Deploy a distributed router and enable the High Availability option.
C.    On the NSX Manager, select Enable multicast addressing and complete the configuration.
D.    Define a data security group for all deployed virtual machine groups.

Answer: C

A data center environment contains the following:
– VMware vCenter 5.1
– ESXi hosts 4.1 and higher
– VMware Horizon View 5.2
– Network devices with merchant silicon ASICs
Which two steps must be taken to ensure a successful NSX deployment? (Choose two.)

A.    Upgrade the vCenter Server installation to vCenter Server 5.5.
B.    Upgrade the network devices to support layer 2 multi-pathing.
C.    Upgrade all compute nodes to ESXi 5.1 or later.
D.    Upgrade the VMware Horizon View installation to Horizon View 5.3.

Answer: AC

Which statement correctly defines third-party gateway support in NSX for vSphere and NSX for Multiple Hypervisors (NSX-MH) for application workloads that span virtual and physical spaces?

A.    Only NSX-MH provides support for hardware based gateways.
B.    Only NSX for vSphere provides support for hardware based gateways.
C.    Both versions of NSX provide support for hardware based gateways.
D.    Neither version of NSX provides support for hardware based gateways at this time.

Answer: C


1.|2017 New 2V0-642 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 284Q&As Download:

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