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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 70-462
Exam Name: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases Exam


Drag and Drop Question
You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database.
You use an OrderDetail table that has the following definition:


You need to create a non-clustered index on the SalesOrderID column in the OrderDetail table to include only rows that contain a value in the SpecialOfferID column.
Which four Transact-SQL statements should you use? (To answer, move the appropriate statements from the list of statements to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.)




You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database.
The database contains a table that has the following definition:


You want to export data from the table to a flat file by using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.
You need to ensure that the following requirements are met:
– The first row of the file contains the first row of data.
– Each record is of the same length.
– The date follows the U.S. date format.
– The file supports international characters.
What should you do? (To answer, configure the appropriate option or options in the dialog box in the answer area.)




You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database.
Users report that an application that accesses the database displays an error, but the error does not provide meaningful information.
No entries are found in the SQL Server log or Windows event logs related to the error.
You need to identify the root cause of the issue by retrieving the error message.
What should you do?

A.    Create an Extended Events session by using the sqlserver.error_reported event.
B.    Create a SQL Profiler session to capture all ErrorLog and EventLog events.
C.    Flag all stored procedures for recompilation by using sp_recompile.
D.    Execute sp_who.

Answer: A

You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 instance that contains a financial database hosted on a storage area network (SAN).
The financial database has the following characteristics:
– A data file of 2 terabytes is located on a dedicated LUN (drive D).
– A transaction log of 10 GB is located on a dedicated LUN (drive E).
– Drive D has 1 terabyte of free disk space.
– Drive E has 5 GB of free disk space.
The database is continually modified by users during business hours from Monday through Friday between 09:00 hours and 17:00 hours.
Five percent of the existing data is modified each day.
The Finance department loads large CSV files into a number of tables each business day at 11:15 hours and 15:15 hours by using the BCP or BULK INSERT commands.
Each data load adds 3 GB of data to the database.
These data load operations must occur in the minimum amount of time.
A full database backup is performed every Sunday at 10:00 hours.
Backup operations will be performed every two hours (11:00, 13:00, 15:00, and 17:00) during business hours.
You implement log shipping of the financial database to another SQL Server 2012 instance.
You decide to failover to this secondary database.
You need to ensure that all transactions will be replicated to the secondary database.
Which backup option should you use?

A.    Differential
B.    Transaction Log
C.    FULL
E.    SKIP

Answer: K

What is the maximum number of SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition Database Engine instances that you can deploy on a non-clustered server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition?

A.    10
B.    25
C.    50
D.    100

Answer: C

You use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to write code for a transaction that contains several statements.
There is high contention between readers and writers on several tables used by your transaction. You need to minimize the use of the tempdb space.
You also need to prevent reading queries from blocking writing queries.
Which isolation level should you use?

Answer: C

You need to install the Power View Components on a stand alone server.
Which three actions should you perform (and sorting)? 

A.    Install SQL 2012 Analyse Services
B.    Install SQL 2012 Reporting Services
C.    Install SQL 2012 Database Engine and PowerPivot for Sharepoint
D.    Configure SQL Server Reporting Services and Addin in sharepoint mode
E.     Configure SQL Server reporting services in native mode

Answer: BCD

You plan to migrate the db to azure.
You verify that all objects are valid for azure sql database..
You need to ensure that users and logins are migrated to azure..
What should you do?

A.    Use the Copy Database wizard
B.    Use the Database Transfer wizard
C.    Use the SQL Management Studio to deploy the db to azure
D.    Back up the databasae from the local server and restore it to azure

Answer: CD

You maintain several dbs on a 64 bit ms sql 2005 instance
You need to migrate the dbs to sql 2012 on the same server.
You also need to ensure functionality in sql 2012 can be used in the db after migration..
What should You do? (each correct answer presents part of the solution)

A.    Perform an in-place upgrade to 64-bit in sql 2012
B.    Perform a side by side installation of a 64 bit sql 2012
C.    Perform a side by side installation of a 32 bit sql 2012
D.    Detach the old instance and attach it to the new one
E.     Change the compatibility level of the db

Answer: BDE

You create a new user named UserA.
You need to ensure that UserA is able to create SQL Server Agent jobs and to execute SQL Server Agent jobs.
To which role should you add UserA?

A.    Securityadmin
B.    RSExecRole
C.    SQLAgentUserRole
D.    DatabaseMailUserRole

Answer: C

Hotspot Question
You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database instance.
Other applications run on the server.
Some of the applications are throwing errors because of insufficient memory.
You need to ensure that the other applications have sufficient memory.
Which setting should you configure?




You administer a database that has User A, B and C.
User A must be able to create new tables and stored procedures, User B must be able to select, update, delete and insert data, User C must be albe to provide windows logins to the database
– db_accessadmin
– db_ddladmin
– db_datawriter
– db_datareader
– db_owner
To which role or roles should you add the users?

A.    ddladmin
B.    datawriter, datareader
C.    accessadmin

Answer: A

You are the administrator of a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 server.
Some applications consume significant resources.
You need to manage the server workload by restricting resource-intensive applications
You need to dynamically limit resource consumption.
What should you do?

A.    Set up Service Broker to ensure that applications are not allowed to consume more than the
specified amount of resources.
B.    Configure Resource Pools, Workload Groups, and Classifier Function, and then enable the
Resource Governor.
C.    Configure Extended Events to monitor and restrict resource limits allowed by each application
D.    Create a new Plan Guide with a Scope Type of sql and define the resource limits for each

Answer: A

You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database that includes a table named dbo.Log.
This table contains millions of records about user activity in an application.
Records in dbo.Log that are more than 90 days old are purged nightly.
When records are purged, table locks are causing contention withinserts.
You need to be able to modify dbo.Log without requiring any changes to the applications that utilize dbo.Log.
Which type of solution should you use?

A.    Extended events
B.    Columnstore index
C.    Partitioned tables
D.    Read committed snapshot

Answer: C

You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database named Orders.
Users report that during peak usage periods, certain operations are taking more time than expected.
Your initial analysis suggests that blocking is the cause.
You need to gather more data to be able to determine which processes are being blocked and to identify the root cause.
What should you do?

A.    Start a trace using SQL Server Profiler to catch the Lock: Deadlock event.
B.    Use sp_configure to set the blocked process threshold. Start a trace using SQL Server
Profiler to catch the Blocked Process Report event.
C.    Schedule a SQL Agent job to run every 60 seconds and insert the results of executing the
sys.dm_os_wait_stats DMV into a table.
D.    Use System Monitor to catch the Lock Waits/sec event.

Answer: B

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