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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB2-700
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Applications

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You are creating a case in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Which two entity types are valid for the Customer field?(Choose TWO)

A.    Products
B.    Leads
C.    Contacts
D.    Accounts

Answer: CD

What is the purpose of unit groups?

A.    Unit groups are used to define the measurements in which a product is purchased or sold.
B.    Unit groups are used to create price lists for each site.
C.    Unit groups are used to group items with similar characteristics within the product catalog.
D.    Unit groups are used to create a sub-list to hold supplementary items within the product catalog.

Answer: A

You are creating an Order.
Which field does NOT require a value before you save the Order?

A.    Potential Customer
B.    Currency
C.    Price List
D.    Order ID
E.    Name

Answer: D

You plan to add an existing product as an additional line item to an active order.
Which statement is true?

A.    The updated total amount is displayed only after you click the Recalculate button.
B.    The updated total amount is automatically re-calculated and displayed.
C.    You cannot add additional items to an active order.
D.    The updated total amount is displayed only after you click the Save button.

Answer: AD

You create a personal dashboard that includes personal and system charts.
The dashboard also contains the My Accounts view.
You need to share the dashboard with another user.
Which two objects should you share with the other user?(Choose TWO)

A.    the My Accounts view
B.    the system charts
C.    the personal charts
D.    the dashboard

Answer: CD

You need to search and display data from multiple related entities that may be more than one relationship removed from the primary entity.
Which tool should you use to display the data?

A.    Enterprise Search
B.    Role Center
C.    Custom Reports
D.    List Page
E.    Advanced Find Query

Answer: C

A user plans to run a report.
The user does NOT have the appropriate permissions to access all of the data the report requires.
What will the user see when she runs the report?

A.    Summary and detailed information for only the data to which the user has permissions
B.    Summary information for all the data included in the report and detailed information for only the data to which the user has permissions
C.    Summary information only for all the data included in the report
D.    Summary and detailed information for all the data included in the report

Answer: A

You are building a report with the Report Wizard. Which types of related records can you use in the report?

A.    The Primary record type only
B.    The Primary record type and five Related record types
C.    The Primary record type and one Related type
D.    Any number of record types as long as they are related

Answer: B

What should you configure before you Create goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

A.    Fiscal Period
B.    Target Value
C.    Goal Owner
D.    Goal Metric

Answer: D

You are creating parent and child goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
The goal entity has NOT been modified.
Which two entities must be the same between the parent and child goals? Each correct answer represents part of the solution.(Choose TWO)

A.    Goal Metric
B.    Subject
C.    Manager
D.    Rollup Query
E.    Time Period

Answer: AE

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