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When you install a Configuration Manager site, several default site system roles are automatically installed for the site.
These site system roles are required for the core operation of each site and although some default site system roles can be moved to other servers, they cannot be removed from the site.
Which of the following is NOT a default role?

A.    Configuration Manager site system
B.    Enrollment point
C.    Configuration Manager site database server
D.    SMS Provider

Answer: B
Optional site system roles are site system roles that are not required for the core operation of a Configuration Manager site. However, by default, the management point and distribution point, which are optional site system roles, are installed on the site server when you install a primary or secondary site. Although these two site system roles are not required for the core operation of the site, you must have at least one management point to support clients at those locations.

Via Operations Manager you can use the Operations console to search your environment for manageable objects and then deploy an agent to any object that you want to monitor.
The process of searching your environment is called ___?

A.    Detection
B.    Discovery
C.    Penetrating
D.    Exposure

Answer: B

Hotspot Questions
Your company has a private cloud that contains a System Center 2012 Orchestrator infrastructure.
You are creating a runbook named runbook1.
You need to ensure that the workflow starts when a file is added to a folder.
From which category should you add an activity? To answer, select the appropriate category in the answer area.
In the Activities pane, click File Management to expand the category, and then drag the Monitor Folder activity into the Runbook Designer Design workspace.

Hotspot Questions
Your company uses System Center 2012 Service Manager to manage and track problems.
You need to ensure that a user named Admin1 is notified automatically when an incident is updated.
What should you configure? To answer, select the appropriate category in the answer area.
Before notifications are sent, first configure each notification channel, such as the settings for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Notification messages are sent based on a notification template. Therefore, you will need to create a notification template.
You can then use the Notification Subscription wizard to subscribe a group of users to a notification that will be sent whenever the changes that you specify occur.
Finally, you can verify that a notification is sent by manually generating the change.

Your company has a datacenter in Los Angeles that contains a private cloud.
The private cloud contains a System Center 2012 infrastructure.
The System Center 2012 infrastructure contains the following:
– Service Manager
– Orchestrator
– Operations Manager
You plan to configure the private cloud to meet the following requirements:
– Integrate runbooks to Service Manager requests.
– Automate administration tasks by using runbooks.
– Provide end users with the ability to perform administrative tasks.
You need to configure the private cloud to meet the requirements.
What should you do from Service Manager?

A.    Select the sync folder for the Orchestrator connector.
B.    Register the Orchestrator Integration Packs.
C.    Create a channel.
D.    Register a data source.

Answer: A
The System Center Integration Pack for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is an add-in for System Center 2012 – Orchestrator. It enables you to automate actions within Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, such as software and update deployment.
In addition, it allows you create and modify collections.
With this integration pack, you can also create workflows that interact with and transfer information to the integration packs for System Center Service Manager, System Center Data Protection Manager, System Center Operations Manager, and System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Configuring the System Center 2012 Service Manager Connections A connection establishes a reusable link between Orchestrator and a Service Manager Server.
You can create as many connections as you need to specify links to multiple servers.
You can also create multiple connections to the same server to allow for differences in security permissions for different user accounts.

Your company has a private cloud that is managed by a System Center 2012 Operations Manager infrastructure.
You plan to create a distributed application named DistributedApp1.
You need to ensure that a folder for DistributedApp1 is available from the Monitoring workspace in the Operations Manager console.
What should you do?

A.    Add the OperationsManagerAppMonitoring object to DistributedApp1.
B.    Save DistributedApp1 as a new management pack.
C.    Add the OperationsManagerMonitoringView object to DistributedApp1.
D.    Save DistributedApp1 in the Default Management Pack.

Answer: B
The Default Management Pack file contains common elements such as views at the top level of the Monitoring workspace. This is an unsealed management pack file so that you can create views and folders at this level. It should not be used for any other purpose. For creating elements such as monitors and rules, create a new management pack file.
Selecting a Management Pack File
The Default management pack that ships with OpsMgr 2007 is used to store very specific information for the management group. It is a widely known best practice to NOT write any custom rules, monitors, groups, views, or overrides to this MP. Even customers who know this – and try to enforce this across their organizations…. will still inadvertently get junk in their default MP…. they will save things here by accident, or by granting access to advanced operators who aren’t educated on this topic.
The main problem with doing so…. is that we will build a dependency for this MP on any MP it references….and therefore we wont ever be able to delete those management packs, until we clean this Default MP up, and start enforcing best practices.


1.|2016/09 Latest 70-246 Exam Dumps(PDF & VCE) 206Q&As Download:
2.|2016/09 Latest 70-246 Exam Questions & Answers:

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