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Your company has a private cloud that contains a System Center 2012 Service Manager infrastructure.
You need to create a service level objective (SLO) for incidents that have a priority value of 1. What should you create first?

A.    a service offering
B.    a subscription
C.    a service template
D.    a queue

Answer: D
Queues are used in SCSM 2012 SLA Management to apply the SLA to a group of work items.

Hotspot Questions
Your company has a private cloud that is managed by using a System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) infrastructure.
The company has multiple departments.
You need to deploy a two-tier web application to the departments.
Which two library objects should you create? To answer, select the appropriate library objects in the answer area.
The key to the question is deploying many versions of the same two-tier application.
A Service Template is required for this.
Additionally you need a VM template to create a service template.

Which of these answers is FALSE regarding System Center 2012 – Data Protection Manager (DPM)?

A.    It must be deployed in a Windows Server 2008 or a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Domain Services directory services structure to support its protection and recovery operations.
B.    It does not support teamed network adapters (NICs)
C.    If you are protecting data over a wide area network (WAN), there is a minimum network bandwidth requirement of 512 kilobits per second (Kbps).
D.    If there is not a two-way trust across domains, you must have a separate DPM server for each domain.

Answer: B
DPM DOES support teamed network adapters, also called interface cards (NICs).
Teamed NICs are multiple physical NICs that are configured to be treated as a single NIC by the operating system. Teamed NICs provide increased bandwidth by combining the bandwidth available using each NIC and failover to the remaining NIC or NICs when a NIC fails.
DPM can use the increased bandwidth achieved by using teamed NICs on the DPM server.

Configuration Manager uses site system roles to support management operations at each site. When you install a Configuration Manager site, some site system roles are automatically installed and assigned to the server on which Configuration Manager Setup has run successfully.
Which Site System Role would run the Configuration Manager services?

A.    Site database server
B.    Distribution point
C.    Management point
D.    Component server

Answer: D
The component server runs Configuration Manager services.
When you install all the site system roles except for the distribution point role, Configuration Manager automatically installs the component server.

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager discovery identifies computer and user resources that you can manage by using Configuration Manager.
It can also discover the network infrastructure in your environment.
Which of the following Configuration Manager discovery methods provides details about the client installation status?

A.    Delta Discovery
B.    Heartbeat Discovery
C.    Network Discovery
D.    Active Directory System Discovery

Answer: B
Heartbeat Discovery is the only discovery method that provides details about the client installation status by updating a system resource client attribute that has the value Yes.
To send the Heartbeat Discovery record, the client computer must be able to contact a management point.

For a typical DPM deployment there is a recommended RAID configuration.
This configuration provides an effective compromise between capacity, cost, reliability, and performance.
What RAID configuration is this?

A.    1
B.    5
C.    0
D.    10

Answer: B


1.|2016/09 Latest 70-246 Exam Dumps(PDF & VCE) 206Q&As Download:
2.|2016/09 Latest 70-246 Exam Questions & Answers:

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