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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 70-484
Exam Name: Microsoft Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C#

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You are developing a Windows Store app that will display a toast notification.
You need to ensure that when a toast notification is displayed, the first line of the notification is bold.
Which template should you use?

A.    ToastText02
B.    ToastText0l
C.    ToastImageAndText0l
D.    TileSquarePeekImageAndText0l

Answer: A
One string of bold text on the first line, one string of regular text wrapped across the second and third lines.

You need to recommend which Microsoft Visual Studio template to use for the app.
Which template should you recommend? (More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.)

A.    Blank App (XAML)
B.    Hub App (XAML)
C.    Grid App (XAML)
D.    Split App (XAML)

Answer: C

You need to recommend a solution to share images from the capture photo page.
You have the following code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)
Which code segments should you recommend inserting at lines 06 and 12? (To answer, drag the appropriate code segments to the correct locations. Each code segment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)
Scenario: The app must provide users with the ability to share pictures with other apps.

You are developing a Windows Store app.
You need to create a certificate to sign the app in a test environment.
Which tool or tools should you use?

A.    The Authorization Manager snap-in
B.    The Certification Authority console
C.    Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
D.    The Security Templates snap-in

Answer: B

You are developing a Windows Store app.
You need to ensure that the app meets the requirements for Windows Store certification.
Which requirement must be met?

A.    The app must encrypt all personally identifiable information.
B.    The app must have a short name and a long name.
C.    The trial functionality must resemble the actual functionality of the app.
D.    The app must conform to the rating system E, Y-7, Y-14, MA.

Answer: C

You are developing a Windows Store app.
You need to ensure that context-sensitive choices are provided while the user is entering text in the search pane.
Which event should you handle?

A.    ResultSuggestionChosen
B.    QuerySubmitted
C.    SuggestionsRequested
D.    QueryChanged

Answer: C
SearchPane.SuggestionsRequested | suggestionsrequested event Fires when the user’s query text changes and the app needs to provide new suggestions to display in the search pane.

You are developing a Windows Store app.
You create a custom control named AppSettingsFlyout, which is inherited from the SettingsFlyout control.
You need to ensure that the Settings flyout of the app is available from the charm bar.
When the flyout is dismissed, users must be returned to the Settings pane.
You have the following code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)
Which code segment should you insert at line 05?

A.    updatesFlyout.Show();
B.    ApplicationSettinga.SettingsPane.GetForCurrentView();
C.    ApplicationSettings.SettingsPane.Show();
D.    updateaFlyout.Showlndependent();

Answer: A

You are developing a Windows Store app.
You have the following requirements:
– Enable the app to receive shared data.
– Save the sharing settings for future use.
You need to ensure that the requirements are met.
What should you implement?

A.    a play To charm
B.    a Share target
C.    a share charm
D.    a QuickLink

Answer: D
– When people swipe from the side of the screen and tap the Share charm, the Share pane appears with a list of apps people can use to share their content.
This list includes any installed apps that are “share targets” for a particular data format.
The links at the top of the image, called QuickLinks, allow users to complete specific share tasks directly.
– QuickLink class
Applies to Windows and Windows Phone
Represents shortcuts that help users share content with the apps they use most.

You are developing a Windows Store app that retrieves information from a social networking application by using web services.
The web services require authentication.
You need to recommend a solution to ensure that users are prompted for their credentials only the first time they use the app, even if the users are using the app from another device.
What should you recommend?

A.    the Credential Manager
B.    roaming storage
C.    the Web Authentication Broker
D.    the Credential Locker

Answer: B

You are developing a Windows Store app that will back up video files.
The app will support videos up to 1 GB in size.
If users lose their device, they must be able to restore the video files to a new device.
You need to recommend a storage solution for the app.
Which storage solution should you recommend?

A.    windows Azure blob storage
B.    roaming storage
C.    SQLite for Windows Runtime
D.    AppData

Answer: A
Azure Blob storage is a service for storing large amounts of unstructured data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via HTTP or HTTPS. A single blob can be hundreds of gigabytes in size, and a single storage account can contain up to 200 TB of blob, queue, and table data.
Common uses of Blob storage include:
– Serving images or documents directly to a browser
– Storing files for distributed access
– Streaming video and audio
– Performing secure backup and disaster recovery
– Storing data for analysis by an on-premises or Azure-hosted service

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