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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB3-700
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Installation & Configuration

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A company initializes the system database and creates the company database by using Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities.
Which two items can be changed? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Account Framework
B.    Company Database ID
C.    Account Format
D.    Company Name

Answer: CD

What are two effects of initializing the system database for Microsoft Dynamics GP? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Logins for LessonUser1 and LessonUser2 are created.
B.    rpt roles are created.
C.    The DYNSA login is created.
D.    The TWO company database is created.

Answer: CD
All GP SQL databases are owned by the DYNSA user. This is what allows the DYNSA user to perform most administrative and maintenance tasks without requiring the `sa’ user.
By default*, certain administrative tasks requiring system-level SQL permissions such as adding new users and adding new companies are not available to DYNSA.
D: There is a Fabrikam (TWO) company database.

You install a system database that uses a name other than DYNAMICS.
Which statement about the system database name is true?

A.    The system database must begin with a numeric character.
B.    The system database must not exceed ten characters.
C.    The system database must have at least five characters.
D.    The system database must contain special characters.

Answer: B

Which two SQL Server sort orders are supported by Microsoft Dynamics GP? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Alternate dictionary (sort order 61)
B.    Mixed dictionary (sort order 120)
C.    Binary (sort order 50)
D.    Dictionary (sort order 52)

Answer: CD

Which component will the Bootstrapper Setup program prompt for installation if they are not already installed?

A.    eConnect
B.    Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities
C.    Microsoft Dexterity Shared Components 12.0
D.    Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-In for Microsoft Word

Answer: C
Explanation: (See the first image)

You customize the Home Page for a Microsoft Dynamics GP user.
What is the maximum number of columns that you can use on the Home Page?

A.    One
B.    Two
C.    Three
D.    Four

Answer: C

What are two features of the POWERUSER role? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    It can be modified to include new Tasks.
B.    It cannot be modified.
C.    It is automatically assigned to the DYNSA user.
D.    It can be deleted.

Answer: AC

You are creating a new user in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
The Save button in the User Setup window is disabled.
You need to ensure that you can save the new user record.
What should you do to enable the Save button?

A.    Log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP as the POWERUSER user.
B.    Log on to the Microsoft Dynamics GP application on the server.
C.    Log all other users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP.
D.    Log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP as the DYNSA user.

Answer: D

Which security task is added by default to each security role?


Answer: C

What is the Web Management Console site used for?

A.    This site is the website that users connect to through the web browser when they log on to the
Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client.
B.    This site is used to process transactions for people using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client.
C.    This site hosts a virtual directory that is used to manage the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client
D.    This site hosts the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client virtual directory.

Answer: C

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