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70-688 practice exam

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70-688 Exam Questions has been Updated on February! 70-688 New Dumps and New 70-688 Exam Questions can be Free downloaded Here! I have already passed by using the new 70-688 Dump, wish most of you can pass 70-688 Certification Exam! Exam Code: 70-688 Exam Name: Supporting Windows 8.1 Certification Provider: Microsoft Corresponding Certifications: MCSA, MCSA: […]

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MICROSOFT NEWS: 70-688 Exam Questions has been Updated Today! Get Latest 70-688 VCE and 70-688 PDF Instantly! Welcome to Download the Newest Braindump2go 70-688 VCE&70-688 PDF Dumps: (221 Q&As) 2015 Latest released Microsoft Official 70-688 Practice Exam Question Free Download From Braindump2go Now! All New Updated 221 Questions And Answers are Real Questions from […]

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Download Free Microsoft 70-688 Tests Questions and Answers From Braindump2go – 100% Success On Microsoft 70-688(161-177)

QUESTION 161 Hotspot Question Your network contains an Active Directory domain named All client computers in the domain run Windows 8.1 Pro. All domain users have roaming user profiles. You need to prevent a user named User2 from being able to save changes to his roaming user profile. Which file or folder should you […]

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Microsoft 70-688 Practice Exam Questions and Answers Sample Papers Shared By Braindump2go(121-130)

QUESTION 121 You administer computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise. The computers are members of an Active Directory domain. You have a tablet that runs Windows 8 Enterprise. You configure the tablet to access your company network by using a virtual private network (VPN) connection. You need to manage Active Directory from the tablet by […]

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QUESTION 111 You have client computers that run Windows 7 Enterprise. All users have roaming user profiles. You deploy several client computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise. Users who sign in to both the Windows 8 Enterprise computers and the Windows 7 Enterprise computers report that they no longer see their desktop background and their […]

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2014 Latest Microsoft 70-688 Exam Dump Free Download!(91-100)

QUESTION 91 Your company has five hardware builds for client computers. The hardware builds are configured as shown in the following table.   You plan to provide some users with Windows To Go disks that contain a corporate image of the 64- bit version of Windows 8 Enterprise and several line-of-business (LOB) applications. In the […]

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2014 Latest Microsoft 70-688 Exam Dump Free Download!(81-90)

QUESTION 81 You administer client computer that run Windows 8 Enterprise deployed by using Windows Deployment Services (WDS). Your company recently purchased 25 new tablets that run Windows 8 Pro. For all 25 new tables, you want to replace the existing Windows 8 Pro installation with Windows 8 enterprise. You need to deploy the Windows […]

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2014 Latest Microsoft 70-688 Exam Dump Free Download!(71-80)

QUESTION 71 You support desktop computers and tablets that run Windows 8 Enterprise. All of the computers are able to connect to your company network from the Internet by using DirectAccess. Your company wants to deploy a new application to the tablets. The deployment solution must meet the following requirements: – Users have offline access […]

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2014 Latest Microsoft 70-688 Exam Dump Free Download!(61-70)

QUESTION 61 You support computers that run Windows 8. You are designing a remote access server (RAS). The firewall accepts incoming TCP connections only to ports 80 and 443. You want to connect to the RAS server from a laptop. You need to create a virtual private network (VPN) connection to the RAS server. Which […]

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2014 Latest Microsoft 70-688 Exam Dump Free Download!(51-60)

QUESTION 51 You support desktop computers that run Windows 8 Pro and are used as guest terminals in a reception area. They are connected to the Internet and are configured with automatic logon by using a local user account. You discover new applications on the Start screen of the computers. You need to restrict access […]

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2014 Latest Microsoft 70-688 Exam Dump Free Download!(41-50)

QUESTION 41 You administer a company network that includes computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise in an Active Directory domain. The company has purchased a subscription to Windows Intune. Corporate security policy requires that computers in the accounting department have file and program activity logged. A user in the accounting department uses a computer that […]

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2014 Latest Microsoft 70-688 Exam Dump Free Download!(31-40)

QUESTION 31 You are a systems administrator for Contoso; Ltd. All client computers run Windows 8 and are members of the Active Directory domain. Users log on to their computers by using domain user accounts. Contoso develops an internal line of business (LOB) Windows Store app. You want to deploy the LOB app to […]

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2014 Latest Microsoft 70-688 Exam Dump Free Download!(21-30)

QUESTION 21 You have a computer that runs Windows 8. The computer has a shared folder named C:\Marketing. The shared folder is on an NTFS volume. The current NTFS and share permissions are configured as follows:   UserA is a member of both the Everyone group and the Marketing group. UserA must access C:\Marketing from […]

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